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    Queen Kaftan

    A bold black and white check pattern kaftan with a tie-back edged with colorful pompom detailing. This beautiful lightweight kaftan is woven with our signature thorthu fabric and has slits on both...
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    Band Stripe Textile

    Made of our thorthu fabric in a graphic pattern of black stripes with a bold colored edge with tassels. Use as a scarf, a wrap, sarong, beach towel, bath towel,...
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    Infini Multi-use textile

    As the name suggests, there are literally infinite ways to use this product: as a beach towel, picnic mat, wraparound, sarong, table cloth, summer scarf, table cover. The color palette...
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    Candy Stripe Kitchen Towel

    Bring in the outdoors with our new collection of Candy Striped table napkins! These butter-soft napkins come in perky colors; the delicately thin stripes with the broad border goes with...
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    Sun Stripe Kitchen Towels

    $12.50 $10.00
    A cheerful color accent to a classic black and white check pattern is sure to add a lot of fun to any kitchen decor. Sturdy, versatile and in our popular...
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    Utility Napkin

    These versatile napkins are great at the table, as a paper-towel alternate in the purse, makeup removing cloth or can be soaked in essential oils for aromatherapy. They also make...
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    Café crème

    Unbleached base color with a classic black stripe pattern and a bold black selvedge makes this piece a staple at the home, beach or as a scarf. Size: 40 x...
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    Zebra Stripe Textile

    Graphic reverse stripes with a bold black selvedge frames this textile beautifully for use at the home, outdoors or in your wardrobe. Size: 40 x 70 inchesMachine wash with like...
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    Apple Stripe Textile

    A black selvedge with graphic stripes in black or aqua blue. This large textile also has tiny button pompoms on all the 4 corners. Works well as a scarf, a...
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    Many Stripe Napkins

    Our most popular pattern, the Many Stripes is now available in a multitude of hues and two sizes: 18" square and 20" square. Product details: Size: 18 x 18 inches...
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    Basket Pompom Napkins

    A luxuriously soft and thick basket weave napkin with fun colorful pompoms on one end. Product details: Size: 18 x 18 inches. Can be purchased individually in any combination.Machine wash...

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